Friday, November 25, 2005


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It is be...

Colleagues in the corridor started to call me SNOW, SNOW, instead of those ugly XUE. SUE,SHUE...various pronounciations.

I was sitting in front of the LCD screen...such a big blinking monster... eating my imagination. By the hand, there was the strawberry tea...a little bloody color, smelt sweet though.

The totally white view outside the window always easily drags me into a deep, untouchable memory. pieces by pieces, chilly as it was used to be.

Took the above picture, didnt change anything, dark sky, black river,brown leaves, they are still there. such a morning. typically for our wonderlands.

it drags me into this down status again. r u still there playing around the girls? those pretty, toxy, lost, poisonous girls......they r growing only once in your field, then die. toy's happiness. kiss them, taste the last sweety.

tomorrow is a big day for u. no one will escape from ur circle.


i always thought about Nicole Kidman, with cold, bloodless, white skin, sensitive, like a piece of china. touched it lightly, it is broken, and gone.

like this gloomy hour.


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真阴郁。。。 左侧的影子 些许血色。。

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