Thursday, November 10, 2005

tape B's start

It is a problem that everytime when u wanna publish sth on ur msn space, so many friends on ur list, so many friends that exist in ur reality, will notice and read them immediately. Maybe also including ur father or ur bf.
That is a more and more serious prb for me. some sth i wanna say. but i lose the ability.
something is better to share with the strangers, totally. that u dont have any intersaction with them in ur world. thats safe.
This is tne reason for this blog's existing .
i am like a tape. i was played by the god, but only with side A.
here i played by myself. that is my side B.
totally free, Tape B's life.


Anonymous Nicolas said...

How is it to play with your schizophrenic side?
At least this in this world you reveal a great creativity.

10:45 PM  

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