Friday, December 09, 2005


Webto has pushed me....update ...update... update... sorry...that i am always lazy to talk in English, like lazy to walk just five mins to the office, like lazy to wish the plates in the sink last 9t, like lazy to matter how much i wanna express actually.

The damned server is blocked by the chinese webserver authority...together with the pic hosting server...pretty nice...all the red XXX....

maybe it is a good thing for me. totally private...although sometimes when i saw the comments always keepthe same number, dont wanna step a little bit further. Drive me a bit crazy....hope not entirely abandoned by the world.

This pic was found pretty long time ago from a friend's space. Some people gave reactions via msn...seems not happy indeed. At that age...5 yrs before.....time goes without considering ur emotion. bloody, floody memories.....

2001. winter.

moved in the new home.Almost everthing inside was fresh but the people. Fighting between them all the time, still on the same topics...the war between men and women will be endless....i had to used to the situation....those yrs....suprised to know that a friend had a same case as me now...even worse...even he has to go back to China immediately to be a last key to solve the prb...we r the sort of kids at home...we will never have the right to express what we care....

2005. winter.

be pushed harder...feel like could not breath any more. Love is connection, not a bandary. every time when he asks me about where i went or whom i went with....i could not control myself from impatience...i am a good girl, not that easy to throw the love as a piece of paper/// leave me some space.....pls....




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